2019 Artist LineUp

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VOYAGER a.k.a. Kyle O. Street

VOYAGER a.k.a. Kyle O. Street

VOYAGER a.k.a. Kyle O. Street

Originally a local artist from Northern Virginia, VOYAGER left Earth to travel the galaxy in search of psychedelic visions and has spent the past decade exploring nothing but Art itself.

“Art is one of the last frontiers of novelty; the few remaining realms you can go to discover something new. Art can be a portal to a places you wouldn’t normally find in your own world. I create art to transform an environment and offer viewers a playground for the senses; possibly even an opportunity to glimpse something they’ve never seen before. My art holds a space for your mind to interpret abstract shapes and geometric patterns meant to change right before your eyes!”

VOYAGER last appeared in the Washington Capital Area for Catharsis on The Mall 2017. As an event volunteer and member of the Art Team, he helped create the live-stage and offered a fluorescent mural painting performance as everyone danced through the night. This year at FlowJam, VOYAGER will resume work on the “Manifest FlowJam Farm” Mural and unveil at least one new fluorescent mural to be displayed with a color-changing lightshow!

Arthur Clarke

“I am passionate about sharing my creative ideas and visions thru art projects/installations and performances.
I feel my project a wonderful fit with this community and this gathering for the light and spirit-energy of creativity that it produces.”

Arhur Clarke photo_by__christopher_zember.jpg

Melly Huang

Melly Huang

Melly Huang

Melly is a visionary artist based in Washington D.C. focusing on body and face art for all ages, sizes, and genders. Body painting is an energetic dance between the painter and the model in order to create a dynamic art piece that expresses the colors within. Her art flows intuitively and naturally-- fully present and witnessing the person in front of her. You can find her painting at various festivals such as Lovelight, Catharsis on the Mall, and Karmafest!

Follow her work on instagram @paint4bodies" 



Kim Rose utilizes acrylic paints to express her emotions and inner feelings. She is a New York native and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Painting has shown me that anything is possible. All of the work that I have been doing recently comes from no planning, I just take my brush to the canvas and see what happens. I am usually a planner, painting has given me the freedom that my soul desires. I hope to inspire others to follow their hearts and live in the present moment.


ABSTRACT COUTURE by Janice Horoschak

Janice is a local lifelong Maryland resident and fine artist. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art and is a Learning Designer. Janice is inspired by nature and introduces it into whatever medium she works.

You can see her live alcohol-based India inks on paper painting at the festival. These original works are what she then transforms into wearable mixed media paper art accessories for men, women, children, and pets. Janice continues to grow the diversity of over 20 items now and is always up to the challenge to create unique pieces that are special to her clients. She is most immersed in this process, but you can also see her digital photographs in the barn during your weekend experience.

Janice is involved with events in the DMV area, along with New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She is grateful to be a part of FlowJam 6. Janice was also selected as an artist for the Frederick Festival of the Arts for the first time this year. She will be returning to the Havre de Grace Festival of the Arts and ArtsFest at AnnMarie Sculpture Garden this year.