Obsidian Beauty Bar Theme Camp

Obsidian Beauty Bar Theme Camp.jpg

Our camp invites one to a safe space where one can exchange stories and experience deep

connection, and explore diversified cultural traditions. They will be able to relax and express their

creative vision through hair, makeup, and nail styling.

We will help create Positive Affirmations, issue water, engage in Hair braiding / accessories and

accessorizing, Nail care, manicure, paint and art, Hand Massage, Face makeup, Face painting,

Face Mask, Face Wipes, Foot Massages, Body Massage, Essential Oil Spritz, and Obsidian

crystals as token of love and remembrance


Camp Contact

Camp Contact is a co-creating tribe of dancers, movers, yogis, acro-yogis and people committed to authentic relating. We gather and fully engage at various festivals across the East Coast of the US and at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada each year. We set up camp with dance floors, a kitchen, a steam bath & tents, and offer classes and workshops while sharing in community for the duration of these festivals. If this vision resonates with you, explore joining us in our quest to teach, learn, explore and enhance transformational interaction. We look forward to continuing the dialogue around co-creating community and offering our collective deepest gifts at these festivals.

They’ll be bringing a Dome & PinWheel to share with the community.